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How to keep your computer safe while viewing free porn. On your PC, create a user account that DOES NOT have administrator privileges. Some advertisers on porn sites run malicious code that can infect your computer - even if you are using the best firewall and anti-virus. If your user account doesn't have administrator privileges, the virus or spyware can't get far without the administrator granting permission. A safe porn site does not require that you download any special program or viewer in order to view a video. If it does, don't proceed. Reboot your computer. Don't be tricked into downloading a virus or spyware. Only view porn sites on a user account, never an administrator account on a PC. If you don't understand what this means, don't go to porn sites from a PC. Mac's are safer. All of the porn sites listed on are safe, but their advertisers are not necessarily safe. Have fun, but be savvy and safe! - free stripper videos