Medical Marijuana For All. Not just those willing to put their name on a list so that others can use that information against them.

Please sign our petition to the US Government to legalize marijuana with a system that is simple, fair, transparent and in the public's best interest. Our goal is that people who use marijuana use it responsibly, and that youth don't think that it's okay to use just because the state has declared it legal, for medicinal or recreational purposes. Marijuana is a mind altering drug but it does have properties and health benefits for arthritis, sleep disorders, anxiety, etc. It is not bad, it just needs to be understood. It impairs your judgment so you shouldn't use it when you're driving a bicycle or car.

Currently the states where weed is legal are creating layers and layers of lawyers, politicians and special interests making the rules in each state so complicated that only big business will survive and the unintended consequences will clog up the legal systems in each state, ultimately costing them money and resources, because people can simply grow their own in their backyard.

And worse, if you apply for a medical marijuana card, that shows on your medical record. And some people will discriminate against you or use that information for their own political gain.

AND EVEN WORSE... the public's perception is that medical marijuana use does somehow not impair you. Marijuana impairs you. Whether it's a vape, oil, or simply bud, don't drive a car or bicycle within 5 hours of use. With stronger edibles and oils, you are impaired even longer. Even safe, legal medicinal oils like CBD's can impair you if you have a system that is easily affected by drugs.

Bruce Jenner might have a medical marijuana card, but that doesn't mean that he can drive under the influence and that he wasn't impaired. Weed impairs your judgment, plain and simple. Legalization of weed along with education can bring America to where it needs to be. Release all the prisoners from past weed offences. Legalize weed. Institute a national user card that explains that marijuana use impairs your judgment. Common sense should prevail above politics, taxation and special interests.

The plan simplifies it and makes it legal and fair for all:

$50 annual card fee to the U.S. government whereby you - as a registered cardholder - agree to not drive nor operate machinery within 5 hours of marijuana use, whether that use is medical or recreational. Just don't use and drive. Period. You are impaired and risking the lives of other people.

We estimate that the supergreen plan would generate $1.5 billion dollars annually to the U.S. Treasury.

Here's our math: 150 million voters. 50% use medicinal pot in one form or another. 40% will get "legal" with a card.

Legalizing marijuana in the U.S. will help unclog our justice system and normalize marijuana prices.

Currently, some state-regulated "legal" dispensaries charge $1200 per ounce. "Fair" retail price for an ounce of weed is $200. "Reasonable" cost from a grower or distributor is $100 per ounce. These prices need to be public knowledge, not a secret kept by the drug, political and organized "big business" cartels.

Please tell your friends and co-workers about and sign our petition! Thanks.

And to those folks who say that edibles or weed is dangerous for children...take a look in your kitchen pantry. Treat your weed and edibles the same way you treat your bottle of vodka. Keep it out of reach of children. An overdose of weed is not as toxic as an overdose of alcohol.